" Having Shweta as my health coach has inspired me to live a healthier life . I am a doctor by profession and throughout medical school the focus has always been on disease and it's treatment. Shweta's focus is on health and maintaining it while still enjoying life. She has introduced me to many new and exciting ways to exercise and healthy recipes. Her encouragement to live a stress free life has impacted me positively and I am in a much better place health-wise than I was 3 months ago when we first began our journey together."

Amanda S

"I had a reiki Session with Shweta. I had heard about reiki from lots of people but never gotten one for myself. Shweta handled the session with calm and compose. She made me feel comfortable. During the session I felt variety of emotions and sensations. The effect of the session was with me for many days post the session . I was much calmer and peaceful. Shweta is great health coach and has always some tips and tricks handy with her to try out. "

Chetna M